Asphalt Repair

Dynamite Paving is a premium asphalt contractor in the greater Phoenix area with decades of experience. If you’re a commercial property owner in the Valley of the Sun, you know that the very first thing your customers see is the paving in your parking lot. If yours is full of potholes and cracks and is in need of repair, that certainly doesn’t give off a good first impression to your clientele. At Dynamite Paving, repairing asphalt in parking lots and on roadways is what we are experts at, and we are proud to offer quick, efficient service at the most competitive pricing available – there’s no job too small or too large for this family owned and operated company!


Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair Experts in Phoenix

Phoenix and the surrounding areas are known for being hot, hot, hot. While asphalt can last a long time, it is a malleable material made from sand, gravel, and bituminous pitch, and the hot Arizona sun can certainly wear it down over time. However, water can be asphalt’s worst enemy, and while Phoenix is known for being a dry desert, we certainly get our fair share of rain, especially during monsoon season. When water penetrates the asphalt through the cracks, it will begin to saturate the subgrade creating a soft bed for the asphalt to move with traffic over the top.  Furthermore, gasoline and oil leaks can naturally deteriorate asphalt, causing it to need regular repairs and maintenance.

Beyond creating a safety hazard, run-down asphalt can ruin the image of properties and roadways. Dynamite Paving uses state-of-the-art equipment and repair materials to improve the look and feel of your asphalt and overall extend the life of your pavement. We handle every type of asphalt repair, including:

  • Patching: Patching is necessary when sections of pavement have deteriorated, but the rest is in good shape. We can remove and replace the deteriorated asphalt, whether the damage is due to potholes or necessary excavation due to construction. 
  • Replacement: When pavement has cracks throughout, our clients are often with the choice between cracksealing or complete replacement. If cracking is insurmountable, we typically recommend complete replacement, as it’s the best investment for lasting repair of your asphalt. While it requires a bit more of an investment initially, it’s considered a more permanent treatment than cracksealing, lasting years longer. 
  • Cracksealing: Cracksealing tends to be less costly, and can be done on cracks in pavement that are not expanding or contracting. Typically, cracksealing can last one or two seasons. You can rely on Dynamite Paving to always be transparent about what you truly need and the costs involved to get the lasting results for your paving. 
  • Sealcoating: Sealcoating is one of the most important aspects of protecting asphalt paving and improving the look of your asphalt.  Applying sealcoat helps protect asphalt paving from UV rays, water, and normal wear and tear, extending the life of your paving and making it more resistant to damage. Newly paved surfaces should be sealcoated within the first 12 months and then every 3-5 years afterward. 
  • Striping & Marking: Dynamite Paving sees every job through, start to finish, and that includes the striping and marking of parking lots and roadways. We use only the highest-quality traffic paint, and a properly striped lot helps with safety, traffic flow, and curb appeal. 


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