dynamite_services_6Cracks in asphalt are caused by oxidation, drying out and shrinking of asphalt, poor installation, water penetration and poor maintenance. Proper crack sealing will provide a seal between asphalt and the sub-surface to prevent water from penetrating and causing costly asphalt repairs. Crack sealing is not cost effective on spider webbed or badly cracked areas. Typically Dynamite Paving will crack seal all cracks ¼” and larger using Crafco materials.

What’s the difference between crack sealing and crack filling?

Crack sealing is the placement of specialized treatment materials “Hot rubber” into working cracks to prevent the intrusion of water or incompressible material, such as sand, stone, and dirt. Crack filling is the placement of ordinary treatment materials into non-working cracks to substantially reduce infiltration of water and to reinforce the adjacent pavement.

When is it best to seal cracks?

The sooner, the better. Any crack in the pavement will allow moisture to penetrate to the subsurface and shorten the life of the pavement. Substrate and air temperatures must be above 40° F and the surface should be properly prepared before sealing. Dynamite Paving recommends crack sealing every year if possible.

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