Cut out and replace is the best method to repair asphalt. It is more labor intensive and requires more material and equipment, therefore the most expensive. Dynamite Paving can then inspect the sub-surface for failure. Typical thickness is 2″ – 3″ installed.

Surface/Skin Patching:

Overlay patching is the least expensive of all repairs. Dynamite Paving will clean the areas and apply tack (asphalt glue) to bond the new asphalt to the old. Asphalt is usually applied in one layer at 1″ – 2″. Existing cracks will reflect back through new asphalt.


dynamite_services_2Asphalt paving of parking lots is another area our professionals can help you with. Whether it’s ground up new construction or additions to existing lots. Dynamite Paving has the experience and knows how to handle all of your asphalt needs.

Mill Out and Replace

Mill out and replace is a cost effective way to replace the top layer of asphalt (usually 1” – 2″) and also does not raise the area repaired as our asphalt overlay would, allowing you to stretch your repair dollars

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